Welcome to Beauty Of The Nile’s Skin Mojo Academy

Here are the 3 fabulous bonuses you get when you become a member...and it costs you nothing!*

1. As a member of the Skin Mojo Academy, you get access each month to top experts on skin-of-color. You get monthly Q&As with these dermatologists, estheticians, dieticians, and makeup artists on Skin Mojo TV (videos available

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for viewing on your phone or laptop) for Free!

We’ve found the best and we make their knowledge available to you.

These experts will cover all topics having to do with you getting more beautiful, youthful-looking, and clearer skin.

During these shows, you will have the opportunity to have your most pressing skin care questions and skin issues addressed by experts. You also get to hear answers to questions asked by other members of Skin Mojo Academy.

Each monthly show is recorded and available to you for viewing via phone or laptop whenever it is convenient to you. Each show is like having your very own private consultation with a skin-of-color expert:

  • Dermatologist
  • Esthetician
  • Dietician
  • Makeup Artist

How much is finally having the most beautiful, clearest, and best skin possible worth to you?

A year’s worth of these consultations – if you could even get consultation from

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these busy experts – is valued at more than $2,000! But, you get this convenient access for Free as a member of Skin Mojo Academy!

Each month you will be sent a special members-only access code that allows you to “tune-in” to the Skin Mojo TV show for that month, plus all the other shows that have previously aired.

Imagine how the show topics (some examples below) will help your skin!

  • How to Use the Connection Between Your Skin and Gut to Keep Your Skin Clear and Beautiful
  • The 5 Skin Care Secrets this Dermatologists Wants Everyone with Skin-of-Color to Know
  • How to Reduce Breakouts Caused by Makeup
  • Dermatologists Reveals the Best Skin Care Routine for 40 Year Olds Struggling with Dark Spots
  • Ten Ingredients this Esthetician Thinks are Best for Skin-of-Color
  • How to Treat Your Skin after 50
  • You’ve Got Acne Scars. This Dermatologists Has the Solutions
  • What Your Skin Care Routine Should Be if You’re Under 35
  • Revealed! Can You Keep Your Skin Soft & Smooth Forever?
  • What Every Teenager-of-Color who is Acne Prone Must Eat
  • Esthetician Says! 10 Great Skin Care Ingredients You Should Have in Your Skin Care Routine
  • Exfoliation: When to Do It and How to NOT Damage Your Skin
  • and many more!

And every topic is specifically designed to address the unique needs of skin-of-color!

Skin Mojo Academy Members also get these additional great bonuses – at
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no extra cost:

2. Earliest access to our newest, breakthrough skin care products.

3. Special members-only discounts on Beauty Of The Nile skin care products throughout the year.

Join now. Just purchase your favorite Beauty Of The Nile product(s) on BeautyOfTheNile.com, and you are in!

* 1-year membership in the Skin Mojo Academy is automatic for anyone who purchases at least 1 Beauty Of The Nile skin care product from BeautyOfTheNile.com. Membership automatically updates for 12-months beginning the date of subsequent purchase of at least 1 Beauty Of The Nile skin care product. This membership is very valuable. It’s also no additional cost to you!

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