About Beauty Of The Nile & You!

Our Mission

Beauty Of The Nile’s® mission is to reject colorism, to amplify that all skin tones are beautiful, and to provide effective skin care products to people-of-color so that all know to “Love Your Brown Skin®”

Beauty Of The Nile® makes science-based skin care
products specifically designed for skin-of-color. Our breakthrough products address hyperpigmentation, acne, dark spots, dark under eye circles, fine lines & wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, age spots, rough texture, sun spots, acne scars, dry/cracked heels & feet, uneven skin tone, large pores, sun protection, rosacea, dry/ashy skin, dull-looking skin, and more.

Love Your Brown Skin!

Major skin care companies ignore the unique skin needs of those with skin-of-color. Their products rarely work for us because they are not developed for our skin. All skin is not alike. (And, that's okay.)

That's why we started Beauty Of The Nile®. Each product is Science-based & Nature Poweredto work for skin-of-color.

~ The Mobley Family