About Beauty Of The Nile & You!

Our Mission

Beauty Of The Nile’s® mission is to reject colorism, to amplify that all skin tones are beautiful, and to provide effective skin care products to people-of-color so that all know to “Love Your Brown Skin®”

Beauty Of The Nile® makes science-based skin care
products and skin care-infused cosmetics specifically designed for skin-of-color. Our breakthrough products address hyperpigmentation, acne, dark spots, dark under eye circles, fine lines & wrinkles, sun-damaged skin, age spots, rough texture, sun spots, acne scars, dry/cracked heels & feet, uneven skin tone, large pores, sun protection, rosacea, dry/ashy skin, dull-looking skin, and other signs of aging.

Skin Care Products That Work for Our Skin

The BIG LIE told by an industry that hasn't cared about skin-of-color is that all skin is the same. It’s not. And, that’s okay.

We created Beauty Of The Nile® because big skin care companies don't address our unique skin care needs. Now, you can have the skin care that you deserve to help you Love Your Brown Skin!®

Thanks for joining us on this exciting journey.

~ Susan Mobley, Co-Founder & President
P.S. – While packing for a recent trip, I decided that if my checked luggage got lost, I could not do without the World’s Best Face Cream™. So, it made it into my carry-on. Try the World’s Best Face Cream™, then let me know if you think it is carry-on worthy!

Let’s Write a New Story Together

For too long people-of-color have been told that our skin is too dark, that lighter is better, and so on. For too long we’ve been told a false beauty story. Beauty Of The Nile® is rewriting that story with you. There is beauty in all shades of skin.

Beauty Of The Nile® believes that the unique skin care needs of skin-of-color deserve the very best products and information.

Beauty Of The Nile's® mission is our family's passion and we are grateful for the chance to help you care for and Love Your Brown Skin®.

Thank you for joining us on this beautiful journey and helping spread the #LoveYourBrownSkin message.

~ Jasmine Mobley, Podcast Host & Co-Founder

There Is Beauty in All Skin Tones

We have allowed others to define beauty as their image…only. We have allowed others to prioritize their skin care needs…over ours. That stops now.

Beauty Of The Nile® believes that the unique skin care needs of brown skin deserve the very best products from experts on the needs of skin-of-color.

I'm obsessed with caring more about our customers' skin care needs and helping more customers this month than last month to meet their skin care goals.

Join us to move forward with love for who we are.

The Best is Yet to Come.

~ Darryl L. Mobley, Co-Founder & Head of Strategy