What Kiera Says About Results She's Gotten from Rejuvenated LASHES & BROWS™ Advanced Growth Serum

We love longer eyelashes and thicker eyebrows! Do You?


A little rhyme to make you smile,
From your friends at Beauty Of The Nile

In a world of lashes and brows so fine,
There's a beauty enthusiast, her name's Kiera, so divine.
She discovered a secret, a magical potion,
Rejuvenated LASHES & BROWS™, her newfound devotion.

With a serum so advanced, it's a beauty wonder,
Longer, thicker lashes and brows, no need to ponder.
Irritation-free, oh what a delight,
Kiera's eyes sparkling, her confidence taking flight.

Plant extracts, peptides, proteins in the mix,
Vitamins, amino acids, a beauty fix.
Lipids and Omega-3, a natural blend,
A formula so unique, it's a trendsetter, my friend.

Gentle around the eyes, suitable for all,
Sensitive skin rejoices, answering the call.
Developed for Skin-of-Color, by Beauty Of The Nile,
A brand that shines, going that extra mile.

Now Kiera sings, her lashes dance,
In this beauty romance, she's found her longer lash chance.
Check out what Kiera said below 'cause,
Rejuvenated LASHES & BROWS™ Advanced Growth Serum steals the show.

Get your longer lashes and thicker eyebrows now. ✨ 


Rejuvenated LASHES & BROWSAdvanced Growth Serum

Rejuvenated LASHES & BROWS™ Advanced Growth Serum helps to Grow Longer, Thicker Lashes & Brows, is Irritation-Free, and Natural... with our unique formula of Plant Extracts, Peptides, Proteins, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Lipids, and Omega-3. Is Gentle and suitable for Sensitive & all skin types. Developed for Skin-of-Color by Beauty Of The Nile. Get yours now.


And, always… Love Your Brown Skin®

Beauty Of The Nile GUARANTEE
Please note – for the purpose of Skin Care: We use Black skin, Brown skin, and skin-of-color interchangeably when discussing people-of-color. When we use the term people-of-color, we intend to mean those whose skin tone is not White and who are Black, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Mediterranean, Pacific Islander, or of Middle Eastern descent.


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