As women-of-color,
How Has the Skin Care Industry Let You Down?

Focus Group - #1

I think I've been let down a lot when it comes to…

Oh my God, I didn't know. It was so deep for me.

Oh my Lord.

This is the truth,

When it comes to makeup because, you know, it's a… It is a constant struggle to find that shade that fits your skin, that fits the deepness, the darkness of our skin.

I think as black women… I think it's very difficult for us to sometimes embrace who we are and where we come from and our culture and how beautiful our skin is.

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And we work so hard internally to love ourselves and, you know, appreciate ourselves.

And then when we go to a store and you're looking for a makeup and you're looking for a foundation and you can't find that shade… Or it's too light. Or it's just not perfect for you.

It's very frustrating. It's very hard…

when you have to sit and, you know, get your makeup done sometimes, and there's not that shade that you need or those products that you need…

Just makes you feel sometimes -- less than.

And it could be very traumatizing, it could be very difficult.

But I've learned to love myself more than ever.

And it's all about embracing your shade and embracing where you come from and loving yourself,

and just being able to have these emotions and these spaces and walking into spaces and just being honest about how you feel.

Because the moment that we started expressing how we feel, our struggles, then we're going to finally see a change, not only with people around us, but within us as well.

Sorry guys.

I didn't… Wasn't gonna cry.

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