How Melissa Butler Built The Lip Bar and Fights Colorism

“I’m a Self-Esteem Girl, a Mental Health Girl"

Melissa Butler, Founder and CEO of The Lip Bar, shares her challenging journey as an entrepreneur, how she fights colorism, and what "Love Your Brown Skin®" means to her with host Jasmine Mobley on the Beauty Of The Nile podcast.

In Episode #34 of the Beauty Of The Nile Podcast, host Jasmine Mobley sits down with Melissa Butler, the founder of The Lip Bar.

We learn from Melissa:

  • When she knew she needed to make the leap from Wall Street to The Lip Bar
  • How she decided to start her brand by making lipstick
  • What led her to launch her newest brand, thread beauty, in addition to the Lip Bar
  • Her favorite AND most challenging days at the helm of the Lip Bar
  • How she overcomes difficulties in life and in building her business 
  • Her experiences with colorism and how those experience affected herMelissa Butler - Beauty Of The Nile Podcast 450x450 and her perceptions of beauty
  • What “Love Your Brown Skin” means to her
  • What being a part of the Beauty Of The Nile community means to her
  • Her message to YOU about beauty
  • And MORE!!!

And, always… Love Your Brown Skin®.

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