A.I. Struck My Last Skin Care Nerve!

So…like many a father, I was minding my business when I got a text from my youngest.

She knew we had big plans in the works for Beauty Of The Nile’s use of A.I. to

Dove A.I. Ad Text Message

defeat the crippling insanity of colorism in skin care, and she saw an ad from Dove about A.I. that moved her to share it with me.

See her unscripted, unannounced text to me on this page.

As she opined, “AI, which is supposed to be so smart… Oh, wait — AI is programmed by humans who have biases!”

Let me cut to the chase: Great Job Dove! This is your most authentic & powerful ad since you began the Real Beauty push some years ago.

Turn up your speakers and click the arrow below to see/hear the Dove ad.

And yes. I am very proud of my daughter for sharing her thoughts on this with me. (You should have been there for the conversation after I saw the ad and read her text!)

I want the world to be better for my kids, and yours, and you. Let's End Colorism.

Indeed, The Best is Yet to Come.

Darryl, Co-Founder - Beauty Of The Nile
PS – And in case I wasn’t clear, to practice, believe in, or yield to colorism – is insanity.
PPS – Colorism is practiced around the world in every country, culture, and even within many, many families. That's crazy.

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