Best Dermatologists for Skin-of-Color


Years in Practice: 4

Undergrad School: Cornell

Graduate School: Harvard Medical School and MIT (joint)

Why did you become a dermatologist?

  • Dermatology combines a good amount of medicine and a good amount of surgery.
  • I that dermatologists are the happiest doctors.
  • Dermatology provides good work life balance.
  • There is a lot within dermatology that's still not known.

What do you love about being a dermatologist?

I love the long-term relationship that you build with your patients.

What is one interesting thing about skin of color that people should know? 

A simple redness can look so different in someone with brown or darker skin versus someone with [lighter skin]. Not everyone is trained to pick up those subtle differences. I have become adept at picking up on the differences because I saw brown skin all my life growing up in India and I’ve trained at institutions (the University of Miami) where we were lucky enough to have exposure to a diverse patient population.

Fun Facts:

Dr. Paul enjoys running, hiking, travelling and spending time with her two little kids, husband and pup named Mochi.


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