Best Dermatologists for Skin-of-Color


Years in Practice: 29

Undergrad School: University of Rochester

Graduate School: The Medical College of Ohio

Why did you become a dermatologist?

I was interested in skin of color. And I decided to start my own practice because I wanted to treat patients who had skin of color conditions

What do you love about being a dermatologist?

I enjoy treating patients of all ethnicities. A couple of my passions are medical dermatology education and mentorship. I pride myself on mentoring and giving back to those interested in pursuing careers in the medical field.

What is the most common acne related issues that women of color experience?

In my practice, I would say that the most common acne related issue is hyperpigmentation. The likelihood of skin of color being left with pigmentation is very high with patients who have suffered from acne and other conditions that we call inflammatory- even if they don't scratch or pick acne areas.

What are some of the recommendations you suggest to people who are struggling with acne? 

  • I highly recommend that people struggling with acne make sure that they’re disinfecting their phones regularly since phones are touching the face.
  • I recommend cleaning makeup brushes and changing pillowcases.
  • The first foundational principle is: before you touch your face, be sure and wash your hands.
  • The next foundational principle is: wash your face morning and night.
  • Don’t go to bed with makeup or oil on your face from the day.

Which skin issues do you see most often among your patients who have skin-of-color?

I see acne, eczema, and psoriasis. I

From my experience with skin-of-color:

Conditions can look quite different on skin of color, and so I pride myself in being able to diagnose and properly treat those patients.

Fun Facts:

  • Mitchell is a wife and mother of four young adult children.
  • She enjoys ministry, fitness, gardening, antiquing, traveling, spending time with her family.
  • She serves the community through her annual (and free) skin cancer screenings.


  • Website:
  • Instagram: @drhopemitchell
  • Tiktok: @drhopemitchell
  • Email:
  • Phone: 4192837754

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